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Reporting, Recognition & Planning

Our chapter encourages two ways to get involved with Pro Bono financial planning in the community:

Presentations, Conferences, Talks, & Non-Profit Programs

If you are attending or hosting any type of the events listed above, and the attendees of the event are assumed to be potential Pro Bono clients, please complete the following steps:

  1. Inform Jen Spagnola ( of the details at least 1 month in advance of the event date. If approved, she will put the event up on our website, alert the membership, and potentially send out a press release. Public recognition of your efforts is very important and helps to inform the public of the Pro Bono services we offer.

  2. Make sure a Memorandum of Understanding is signed (by you & a representative of the event organization) and on file with Jen Spagnola prior to the event.

  3. If you speak with any participants before or after the event, either at the event, in your office, or anywhere else, please have the Pro Bono Letter of Engagement signed by the Pro Bono client.

  4. Post Event: Please report to Jen approximately how many people attended the event, and submit any completed Engagement letters. The number of attendees and signed Engagement letters (even if you meet with someone months after the event) are very important for our Chapter. The more activity and Pro Bono engagements that are reported to the FPA National, the more support our Chapter will receive.

One-On-One Engagements

Often times attendees of an event or seminar may call you after the fact to schedule a Pro Bono planning session. With the client, please be sure to review, sign, and submit the Pro Bono Letter of Engagement.

Please report any and all one on one engagements to Jen as soon as they are completed.